Google’s project Loon: Balloon powered internet in remote areas

Project Loon

It is very surprising and astonishing that every new innovation and inspiration from Google always sees the light of the day. Sergei brin and its company not only made it possible but also changed the face of worldwide internet connectivity.

Project Loon aims to provide mobile and internet connectivity to around people in most remote areas across the world. This project was undertaken to facilitate education and medical assistance to places without schools and doctors. These technologies will even assist with communication after natural disasters where traditional communication infrastructure faces destruction.

This video conveys why and how Google designed this kind of technology, to provide worldwide mobile communication and internet connectivity.

Project Head Mike Cassidy quoted, “We believe that it might actually be possible to build a ring of balloons, flying around the globe on the stratospheric winds that provide internet access to the earth below”.

Mike even said that they have designed a system that uses balloon and carried by the wind which goes to an altitude twice as high as commercial planes. It can beam internet access to the ground at speed similar to today’s 3G or even faster than that. They hope that the balloons can be circularised across the globe thereby reaching remote places of the earth which are void from any wireless transmission. These devices will be of more importance after natural disaster.

Testing the technology:

The company has already started testing the so called “marvellous experiment” in New-Zealand where it had sent around 30 balloons up in the atmosphere.

Google made it sure that these balloons won’t float away. It can keep them right place with help of solar and wind management system attached to those radio transmitters. It controls the altitude of the balloon in order to catch the right wind current.

My only way to express by happiness is by saying  “Go Google!!”