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The future of 3D Audio is here: OSSIC

Headphones are everyone’s compulsory item nowadays. Everyone of us carry it with us. But, not every headphone adjusts according to your anatomy. The audio experience increases with the headphones according to your anatomy. That makes the sound remain

Xiaomi Mi 5: Technical details

Finally the long wait is over! Xiaomi has finally released the long awaited flagship device, the Xiaomi Mi 5 which was unveiled on 24 February 2016. The Mi 5’s design greatly resonates with the Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7: Everything you need to know before buying

Korean mobile manufacturing behemoth, Samsung is always busy churning out the better and more advanced iterations of its flagship smartphone Galaxy S series. Keeping in line with the massive competition in the premium smartphone segment in the

Top 5 Tech Gadgets to Support Traveling

Here are some fantastic gadgets for traveling, some of which have won awards. Others are so new that they have not even been properly released yet. Here are a few gadgets that you should definitely try when

Top 10 tablets till July 2013

Tablet is becoming famous and companion to circumstances, it provides facilities like gaming, multimedia and lots more . If you are looking for a tablet that can serve as an education and entertainment hub for you, here are