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Top 5 Tech Gadgets to Support Traveling

Here are some fantastic gadgets for traveling, some of which have won awards. Others are so new that they have not even been properly released yet. Here are a few gadgets that you should definitely try when

Gmail’s hidden features:Everybody need to know

Gmail is not new to the world now. Most of the people use it as a media to send e-mails but there are some features that they may not know about. There are a number of handy

How to make money from your app

Apps are small pieces of software that you can install onto your Smartphones or Tablet devices. There are now hundreds of thousands of apps available for the Apple iOS, the Android OS, Blackberry and Windows OS. There

How to create Apple ID without a credit card

Hello guys, today I’m going to show you “How to create an apple ID without using any payment option”. A lot of my friends have been asking me the same question again and again why the companies

Google Chrome flaw exposes user passwords

Recent flaw in Google Chrome let’s any user to see all the stored password directly from Control Panel Settings. Google Chrome flaw exposes user passwords:   Just type : chrome://settings/passwords on the search bar and hit Enter. You will find

How to turn on and off contact images of Gmail in Android?

The new Gmail version rolled out by google in this I/O was somewhat looked fascinating and user friendly. And it is been annoying that, by default, there turning on of image in our android based smartphone’s contact