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BHIM pars 3 million download. iOS Version to be released.

BHIM, the payment interface app for UPI(Unified payment Interface) pars 3 million downloads in just five days since it was launched. with over 500,000 transactions done since launch. Amitabh Kant, who is the CEO of Niti Aayog,

World’s Cheapest Smartphone will cost you just ₹251: Freedom 251

There is a phone … wait wait a SMARTPHONE coming up that will cost less than 4 US$ or just ₹251 in India yesterday,which is probably like buying a cheap mobile cover for yourself or an iPhone

Github server out of service

Today I tried to open Github to do some stuffes with ConceptNet but couldnot. What I got instead was the following image: UPDATE: We got new messages from github stating the status. If you see the following

Galaxy S7 reveals under the hood powerful hardware

Samsung Galaxy S7 is all confirmed to launch but no release dates have yet being officially published. If a recent leaked AnTuTu Benchmark is to be believed,  flagship phone is running on company’s own Exynos 8890 processor.

Upgraded Twitter for Android

Twitter has updated its Android app with improved photo editing and sharing tools. From now onwards Twitter will allow you to mention people within your tweet by getting you to tag them when you upload an image.When you want

Sensoria Smart Socks

Feet are extremely important part of our body, which can help you in knowing a lot about your health and fitness. Heapsylon sees this prospective, and have launched a bio-sensing and super smart sock. The Sensoria Fitness Sock is