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The future of 3D Audio is here: OSSIC

Headphones are everyone’s compulsory item nowadays. Everyone of us carry it with us. But, not every headphone adjusts according to your anatomy. The audio experience increases with the headphones according to your anatomy. That makes the sound remain close to your head rather than around you.  It gives a 3D Audio experience. What we hear in out day-to-day life is a 3D Audio (real time) experience. But, with traditional headphones we tend to miss out the real sounds. So, OSSIC promises to provide you with a 3D Audio experience calibrating the sensors embedded into the headphone.


Sensors in OSSIC

Sensors are incorporated into the headphones to know every individuals’ HRTF(Head Related Transfer Function). The data from the sensors are collected and are fed into the adaptive algorithm(machine learning). So, the algorithms gives audio output according to your anatomy, so that you have a 3D Audio experience. The head tracking enables an acoustic presence.

Connectivity in OSSIC

It is said to be compatible with PC/Mac, Mobile and XBOX & PS4 via aux cables. To learn more on technology of OSSIC: OSSIC Technology

Stay tuned with us to get a full review and unboxing of the OSSIC 3D Headphones soon.