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Where is the Dustbin: An app that lets you know where to dump your garbage and litter

India is a country of billions. People tend to travel from one place to another place very frequently. When they travel to a new place, the only thing that can help them is maps. But, with maps one can only see the route to destination. What if there would be an app which lets you know where the dustbin is and where people can pee. Why would we need that? To make our country a better place to live.

Where is the dustbin?

Throwing garbage makes our country more susceptible to diseases and destruction of natural beauty. Following swachh bharat mission launched by Government of India, IIIT-Bhubaneswar’s grads have come up with an app which tells you the nearest garbage dump and public toilets.

About the app

The App is called Where is the Dustbin and lets you find nearest garbage dumps and public toilets. When asked what inspired them to do so, they replied “We believe more than the state or municipal authorities, it is more a people’s campaign. Through this app we hope to provide some light on the plausible adopting technology that is accessible to public” .

We urge the public to use the app and give the founder’s of this wonderful app their valuable feedback. They have rightly said, its more a people’s campaign than govenments.