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Empty messages on whatsapp: whatsapp update required

We got a lot of mail saying people are getting empty messages on whatsapp. One of the mail from our reader in US states,”I’m afraid if its kind of virus or something which will compromise my personal data”. Being afraid on the issues of personal data is good enough. But, None of our data remains personal the moment we put it on social media. The companies use machine learning algorithms to generate some pattern from our data. There’s a lot to it than just applying machine learning algorithms and using the knowledge generated from it. Probably, we will talk about it in detail in one of the upcoming articles.


Moreover, the empty messages on whatsapp are just because your friends have updated the whatsapp but you haven’t yet. There are a new set of emojis which you won’t be able to see unless you update your whatsapp. Once updated you can see the whole new set of emojis in whatsapp.