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World’s Cheapest Smartphone will cost you just ₹251: Freedom 251

There is a phone … wait wait a SMARTPHONE coming up that will cost less than 4 US$ or just ₹251 in India yesterday,which is probably like buying a cheap mobile cover for yourself or an iPhone screen guard .It is named“ Freedom251” Does that rings any bell?? Jokes apart the newly formed company Ringing Bell Private Limited just brought an industry breakthrough pricing phone Freedom 251 for just  ₹251 . You may not have heard of this company before although they already have few other phones like Smart 101 (a cheap 4G phone in the market),Master4u in the market. But  today the brand has been all over the internet and news.

freedom_251_1 freedom_251_2 freedom_251_3freedom_251_010

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At this jaw dropping price point you probably would be thinking that it will be the dumbest decision to go for this kind of cheap phone which can’t stand against today’s generation smartphone; then you need to think again. Freedom 251 features 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor with 1Gb ram has a 4inch qHD IPS display with 3.2MP rear camera and 0.3MP front camera.It has a 8GB internal storage and powered by 1450mAh battery.It also has SD card support of upto 32GB . Running on Android Lollipop 5.1 platform .Above specs with this price point of ₹251 I am sure it can kill any smartphone below  the price belt of ₹5000 easily.

freedom251-(camera) freedom251-(screen) freedom251-(specification) freedom251-(warranty)

Company website says it has 650+ service center and will provide industry standard 1 Year warranty  on the phone. Despite of the fact this is a newly formed company  For those of you still willing to drop money on this phone, bookings for the Freedom 251 will be open at 6 am , February 18 here.

NOTE: The website opened today. But, unfortunately their server was unable to satisfy the crazy Indian customers’ visits. We are not sure if people were able to buy the phone.

Stay Tuned for more updates on Ringign Bell Freedom 251 and stuff.