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Galaxy Note 4:The show stopper


The Day is not far when laptops will be overtaken by our stylish and advanced phones and phablets while peeping to our future and this is insured by Companies like Samsung and Apple. The Mobiles giant are raging war this September and the first to land on the battle field is Samsung armed with its “SAMSUNG UNPACKED 2” which is loaded with Note 4, Note Edge and Galaxy S watch. Yes the smart phone has just become smarter. With the new latest design , improved look and feel and 2K HD super AMOLED design Samsung has marched straight into the market. The 5.7 inch Phone is powered with 64-bit processor and is rumored to have unbelievable 4GB RAM running on the latest Android 4.4.3 updates. Like its predecessor it is believed to run by two processor one being 2.5GHz Quad-core SnapDragon805 and other being octa-core of cortex A53 and A57 variant. It is equipped to support 4G LTE -6 the advanced version of normal 4G LTE and has improved and better S-pen touch. Selfie becoming popular now days the phone has a 3.7Mega-pixel front camera and 16 mega-pixel back camera with auto focus functionality. The UX has improved a lot and the widgets have become transparent so that you can enjoy your elegant background. Now improvise your SQ(Social Quotient) by the help of note 4’s multi-tasking video and its really amazing experience. Samsung has really improved its S pen experience if note 4 is a computer than S pen can be its mouse. Adding to its feature is the 3200mah battery and also a quick recharge. Yes you have heard it right the Note 4 recharges 50% of itself within 30 min.

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 Now coming to the second big gun the Samsung Note edge :- Samsung has claimed that it is the first edge display phone of its kind. It has all the same features as that its brother “note 4” but has an extra edge display. There are not much to display on the edge but still Samsung has its alarm clock showing off with some amazing panel in the edge of the phone. The most important is Samsung has released its SDK for developer for developing app that can used in the edge of this not so weird phone and hey weird is not always bad . Medical practitioners are soon going to be jobless with the new note gear S and VR. It is the start of new life style revolution as promised by Samsung.


Really looking forward to October beginning to have a hands on these amazing and both weird and familiar phone. After seeing the Samsung’s heavy artillery I really wish APPLE has something to say in its so called “nothing more to say” on 09.09.2014.Waiting for the clash between the titans “Galaxy Note 4 or IPhone 6”. The Winner only the upcoming market will decide.