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Xiaomi Redmi 1s launched with same flash sale strategy of MI3

After making a bang in the Indian mobile market with the nexus killer.Hugo barra promised that wait this was just the beginning.There are many cool surprises to follow.Well it is happening once again with yesterday’s launch event of Redmi 1s. What was supposed to be a Moto G killer (which is retired anyways with moto g2 entering the arena this September),at the price point of Moto E.It turned out that Indian buyers will have to shell only 5999 INR.It is certainly a sweat spot,considering the pool of users who wants to upgrade from their good old feature phones.For those who had hesitation to spend >10000 on a first smartphone purchase. Before talking about the phone itself,let’s talk about the “Flash” selling approach. Xiaomi did this last time with MI3 and had no estimation of Indian market.Plus the eCommerce giant Flipkart behaved like IRCTC. The buyers felt the same way as if they are booking a “Tatkal” ticket (Only no forms to fill up this time).Once who got it felt like king and those who didn’t started blaming their watches,flipkart,internet connection and what not.With lower price point,number is only going to rise but this time both of them seems to be ready. The specification of phone are simply equivalent of Moto G,with few upgrades and downgrade here and there. Upgrades- -Camera : 8MP with 1080p recording -Screen Size: 4.7 -CPU: 4 cores of 1.66 Ghz each -Gyroscope: An additional sensor Downgrades- -Weight: 158 gms -Battery: 2000ms -Screen size vs resolution -Gorilla glass 2 -Android 4.3 Although these are minor differences in terms of specs.


Even though it’s price point is just half of the rival.There are still few things that could have made a major impact.Scree’n for example is having bigger display but bezels are not thinner. Moto G is superior in terms of pebble design.Design is certainly not a thing that they want to discuss.For a company called Apple of China,they should improve on this aspect. MI3 didn’t disappoint in terms of camera and same can be said about this one too.With features like Autofocus,HDR,Full HD recording capability one can’t resist the offer.Music and call quality we still have to check but odds are it will be just fine.They made available quite nice accessories for mi3 so this trend is likely to be followed. Battery life is a little bit less then Moto G but there are few significant aspects that can make it drain faster.Battery management is improved in 4.4 as compared to 4.3 in Redmi 1s.



MIUI 5 is very resource intensive.Hence this can be checked only after using the device in real world conditions.MI3 had good battery life but heating issues were present,will Redmi 1s improve in that section,Again we have to wait for the real device to test. MIUI 5 present in Redmi (sold in china) was a light version of the ROM.They stated it as “Senior”.


Simple and easy to use interface targeted for certain age group and first time buyers.Users who want a different experience need not worry as there are plethora of customization option available. In terms of specs to price ratio this device is simply fabulous.For now we will wait for the an actual device unit to review.In the meantime you can express your thoughts in the comments. Especially about the IRCTC like experience in flipkart.One of the crazy suggestion I read was to change the system clock in order to cheat the system.We’ll see what new stories 2nd September will bring,only time can say.