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A Glimpse of Samsung Galaxy S5


Yes the Smart phone’s most popular market leader is back with a bang with its new Dashing Flagship phone the new Samsung Galaxy S5.It has got its looks from its predecessor but it got itself accounted for the 1080p 5.1 inch amulet display and amazing camera. Well the build of S5 is as impressive as that of Samsungs latest note series with a battery power of 2800mA. But the new achievement of the S-Series is its IP-67 certified which means its dust proof and water resistant, Remember it is water resistant not water proof. Now coming to the buttons of S5, Samsung has added the new Finger print monitor in its home button as like as its apple competitor. Hope apple doesn’t sue Samsung for this. Well Still I imagine the days are near when the Facebook profile would ask for finger print scanner for login. The new improved camera has 16MP resolution and can record video at 4K same as the new Note. The new auto focus function of the Camera is just as awesome as its burst mode which captures 30 pictures in a time frame of around 4 sec.  Another new addition to this amazing smart phone is the heart rate monitor which is present near the flash at the back of the phone. You will have to use S Help to find your heart rate and place your finger at the back to monitor your heart beat.  The Processing is a bit smoother than the S4. The touch wiz remains as smooth as it was in its Previous Note phones. Almost forgot about the new Kids Mode present in the phone, it personalize the apps that you want your kids to gain access. Well Samsung has done its best to zip all the different kind of product that they want to put inside the phone and that’s the reason people like to buy. The new S5 is going to be released with its new galaxy fit gear. Well let’s wait to see what the new prodigal son has brought us this April keeping our finger crossed.