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Most popular education apps for windows phone

Education apps are possibly the only good reason most people can justify a tablet device. Most people use their tablets as dust collectors, and a great many more user their tablet for things that they can do on their phone. People have PCs and yet use tablets which are slower and have less functions just because they were sold one by popular advertising. Sure, you can use an educational program on your computer instead of a tablet, but the apps on your tablet are cheap and quick. Oddly enough, this is a benefit over the larger and more compressive desktop programs because of us (all of us).

Why the smaller, cheaper, quicker education apps are better. It is your fault because educational programs are probably the most ignored programs ever. They are used and discarded faster than a fat person gets through chocolate wrappers. People who invest money in big desktop educational programs will rarely use them enough to get the full value out of them. That is why smaller and cheaper apps are better in this one instance. It is because even if you buy several, you can use them a few times and discard them and there is really no big problem. We enlist Most popular education apps for windows phone:

Simple Learning

This is a poorly named app for all of the misunderstandings it conjures up. It is actually a revision tool, which technically means it is not even a learning tool but a refreshing tool (which is another sexy misunderstanding under its belt). This app allows you to customize the content on the app and add things so that you may revise them at a later date. It is a memory testing app which allows you to revise and regurgitate information by using a number of different techniques. You can control the difficulty of the quizzes and puzzles that you set for yourself.

Khan Academy

You can get this app for free and it allows you to search through a lot of educational videos. Why is that different from YouTube? The fact is that even a massively popular platform such as YouTube has literally hundreds of thousands of videos that are just not watched, and that is because people cannot find them.  It is incredibly hard to rate and rank videos in any manner that is fair, and finding the one you need on a database of millions is near impossible unless it happens to be a particularly popular video. Finding a video of Kanye West making a fool of himself is easy enough, but videos on academic matters are not really as popular with the exception of nature shows. This app allows you to find videos relating to your chosen discipline, and as you can imagine you can learn a lot from them if you take the time.

 Spelling Practice 2

Getting an app to teach you spelling is quite difficult, as you have to show the word in order to tell people what it is. With that hindrance aside, this is a popular app, but in the spelling world there are few popular apps. This app does have good voice command control, which does rather set it apart from other spelling apps.

Jack of Math

As you may imagine, this app is going to help you with your math problems, and it will provide you with a mixture of puzzles that you are then to solve. It is good for the fact you can mix up your math questions, so that even if you are crappy at one thing then you can redeem your pride with another. You can also pick the variety of math you have to complete.

One of its nicer options and possibly one of the things that make this app gratifying and more addictive is the fact that it plots a graph showing how well you are doing. This turns it more in to a computer game, which does inspire people to work a little longer and harder on the app than they would normally.

Online Education

This is a place where you may find a lot of tutorial and step-by-step guidance videos. It is good for finding videos that may help you within your current learning discipline, and has a nicely varied library that are not all mainstream subjects. Though, as a start off it does have all the big mainstream library categories. It also has an alert system to tell you if something has just come out about the subject of your choice, which can be a very handy feature if you are a hardcore blogger.


As you may imagine from the title, this is an app that helps you learn with flashcards. They are not actually the most effective learning tools in many cases, but there are times when flashcards are handy. They are particularly good for memorizing things that would normally be quite a drudgery. For example, the periodic table was built for flash cards.

On the other hand, things such as improve your vocabulary are not really great on flashcards, as it is better to use new words in a sentence rather than just memorize them. You can learn from a massive database full of pre-written flashcards, or you can make your own. Oddly enough, it is sometimes better if you do both, where you use the pre-made ones and make your own too. It improves learning doing it that way.

Grade Calculator

This app allows you to track your grade, and even though that is not really an app to help you learn, it is still a very popular app. This could be a sign of the time, as people in western society are given a few seconds of praise and attention for doing good and are given up to weeks of attention for doing bad. In fact, there are many people in the west (young and old) who react negatively to displays of intelligence.

At least with a grade calculator you are able to track your grades so you have visual praise of your efforts, plus you can have the app postulate on what sort for grade you are going to get in the future. It is also quite popular for telling people what grade they need next in order to maintain a certain average score. For example, a person who wants a B score average may be pleased to learn that even if he or she gets a D on the next three tests that he or she will still finish with a B grade average.

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