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Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19B

The biggest news of today- facebook acquiring Whatsapp for  $19B. Yeah you heard it right not 1.9 billion dollar its “19 Billion $”. Social media giant Facebook has just buy out the mobile messaging company Whatsapp , like what they says if you can’t beat it then buy it. This is the silicon valley’s biggest tech deal since the Symantec  landed Veritas Software in 2004.

In early January Facebook reported that it had approx 950 million monthly mobile user, and these user use the app for check their timelines and message each other. Whatsapp has also released a statement claiming over 450 million monthly active users. I think this must be the one which taking away some attention of those social media giant like Facebook and others company. Nowadays there are alot of other messaging apps like wechat,viber,snapchat etc, but none have reached the level of popularity like Whasapp .

“In a short time and with very little marketing, WhatsApp has become a noticeable threat to the social media giant, and so it is very understandable that Facebook would pay this much to stretch its virtual presence. ”

Well how money changes everything. Two months ago, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum told The Wall Street Journal  he had no intention to sell. “We’re trying to build a sustainable company that’s here for the next 100 years,” he said.

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