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Upgraded Twitter for Android

Twitter has updated its Android app with improved photo editing and sharing tools. From now onwards Twitter will allow you to mention people within your tweet by getting you to tag them when you upload an image.When you want to edit any image you will find a lot of better options and tools.  If you want to crop any image you can crop by selecting an aspect such as square or wide cropping. Now you can rotate the images before you upload them.

In order to have a tough competition with Instagram, Twitter added a photo editing app named Aviary. Adding filters and auto-correct has been imaginable on the app since that time.Now with upgraded Twitter you can also tag people in your image by just clicking on the image to add people to your tweet without typing out everybody’s name.

Another new feature which Twitter updated is that when you’re scrolling through your timeline and refresh your feed, Twitter will display you recommended tweets, trending topics and suggestions. But these references will be displayed only when there are no new tweets to be loaded.

Twitter has said that the new and upgraded Twitter for Android devices which you can download at Google Play Store will be soon available in iPhone with upgraded features too.

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