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Sensoria Smart Socks

Feet are extremely important part of our body, which can help you in knowing a lot about your health and fitness. Heapsylon sees this prospective, and have launched a bio-sensing and super smart sock. The Sensoria Fitness Sock is a wearable device divided into two parts: an anklet device, which includes a battery, data storage, accelerometer and altimeter; and the sock imparted with textile sensors that measure your force and pressure applied by your feet. Sensoria smart socks will start to ship this spring in a variety of colours, with a retail price of $199.

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The anklet has to be attached to the outer side of the sock on the ankle using exclusive cone-shaped magnets. The magnets are strong enough to keep the anklet in their place even during activity; still it allows the user to make the device off without destroying the fabric.

Sensoria 3

Sensoria Fitness Sock can monitor steps, calories, speed, it can also measure cadence, detect foot landing technique, and monitor balance. This information is not only aimed at improving one’s running form but also at cycling, yoga, golf and martial arts etc. Although you really need only one sock to efficiently monitor your runs, for things like in a standing pose, like yoga or any activity in which you have to maintain balance, two socks are necessary.

The anklet is semi-flexible and can be adjusted according to the size of your ankle. The sock looks like any other sports sock one might wear for a run. Vigano told us that the magnets in the final product will be smaller in size than the ones shown in this version.

The app is visual, which comes with a dashboard. I like the diagram of feet which light up to show pressure and force applied by your feet.

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All of the data monitored is real-time during an activity session. The person wearing the anklet doesn’t need to carry a smartphone to see this data: the anklet can store data for two weeks of an average daily run before having to sync via Bluetooth.

The app has recommended running forms in the Virtual Coach section which are used to teach the wearer proper way to run. This is a great feature which makes it more reliable and wanted. The virtual coach sets routine goals for activities like cadence or foot landing and then provides feedback while running.

Heapsylon is currently working with their Sensoria SDK to develop it and to to use the data points from their sock to their other smart garments like their T-Shirt. They recently broadcasted a partnership with Google Glass app, Race Yourself, which lets you effectively race against your best running statistics.