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The Legacy Continues: iPhone 6

iPhone6 v/s iPhone 5s

After catching the market this Christmas the world’s most popular Smartphone is again in the rumor mill. The world is still to overcome the most awaited release of iPhone 5S, and now we are getting some hints regarding it’s the next successor-iPhone6.

Yes it’s none other than the Apple and their new iPhone 6. It’s like the company is responding to the reviews from the people regarding the phone’s screen size. The company’s 2013 launch the iPhone5S & iPhone5C all had the same screen size. But the according to the latest report the it is expected to release in two variants on the basis of size of the screen, the old 4.7inch and the new 5.7 inch however the pixel and the resolution are yet to be surfaced. This model will be developed using the 20nm processer by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. It is expected that the upcoming iPhone6 will have a 64-bit A8 processor, scratch-resistant sapphire glass body, wireless charging and built-in solar panel. It also has rumor that both the screen size model will feature eye scanning biometric technology, along with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Apple is also expected to unveil the iPad Pro tablet with a 12.9-inch high-resolution screen this year, which will be aimed at students and business users and is expected to replace the Macbook Air.