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Gmail’s hidden features:Everybody need to know


Gmail is not new to the world now. Most of the people use it as a media to send e-mails but there are some features that they may not know about. There are a number of handy tips that you should know. Here are some of the Gmail’s Hidden features, everyone need to know:

Attachments in Gmail

If you are trying to send a file to somebody and typed “I have attached the file” in body of mail and clicked the send tab while you have forgot to attach the required file it would not be sent. Rather a message will pop up saying,
“Did you mean to attach files?

You wrote “i have attached” in your message, but there are no files attached.  Send anyway?”

All you have to do is click cancel and attach the document and then resend it.

   Star in Gmail

Gmail has a star system so that you can ‘star’ your most important emails and can come       to them later. Go to Gear box > Settings > Stars. You can add different colored stars, for 1*, 2* and so on. The standard star is a yellow one but more no. of stars can be added by clicking 4 stars and/or all stars. So that you can come back to the inbox and star a mail, it will still go yellow but by clicking 2nd 3rd ….like this color changes. You can then search for the specified starred mail. Go to the search bar and type in:
has: (given color)-star
This will bring up any email with the mentioned colored star.

    To-Do List in Gmail

Why to use Gmail only as a service of sending mail only? Rather it can be used to-do list !
All you have to do is: click on Mail > Tasks and a small task bar will pop up at the bottom. Fill in your to-do list and add in a due date if you want Gmail to remind you about it.
When you’re done, tick the box in the corner to get a satisfactory line strike through your task.

Multiple Email addresses

Gmail allows multiple versions of your email addresses. Just add a full stop to your email address. Google will send the same email to to . So anybody can use this multiple mail to sign up to different newsletters.

 Keyboard shortcuts used in Gmail

There is a no. of shortcuts to be used for saving time. To know the shortcut menu  type ? whilst in Gmail inbox. These are some of the Examples:
Shift + Esc   : Focus main window
Ctrl + .          : Advance to next chat or compose
Ctrl + Enter : Send
Ctrl + Shift + c  : Add cc recipients
Ctrl + Shift + b  : Add bcc recipients
Ctrl + Shift + f   :Access custom from


  Advanced Shortcuts

Gmail provides a no. of user personalized shortcuts. To enable these shortcuts
Go To Gear Box > Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts >Keyboard Shortcuts ON > Save changes.
Some are:
c – compose a new message
d – compose a message in a new tab
r – reply
/ – puts a cursor in the search box
# – move a conversation to Bin

Faster Loading

If you are loading Gmail with a slower internet connection, it takes few minutes to load. So to avoid this you have to switch over to a basic version of Gmail which loads faster and allows you to do basic functions.
To do that just add  ?ui=html to the standard Gmail URL. Like this

 Switching Accounts facility in Gmail

For those who have two accounts in Gmail and want to work on them from the same browser simultaneously can do it like this :
Go To the email address on the top right corner of your account page >click on add account.

It will take you to another tab where you can log on to your other account.

Backup Messages

If you want to get a copy/backup of your mails you can do it. Just Go To settings >click on the tab Forwarding and POP/IMAP >click on Forward a copy of incoming mail to. Once you are there enter the required email address.

For more such tips and tricks stay tuned with us.