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Best iPhone Applications for Children and Kids

Special post for children’s day. This article covers some of the Best iPhone Applications for Children and Kids.  Having a smartphone is becoming a passion for most of the people around this world; this thing has affected by kids too. But it’s out duty to keep them in a good track so that they will learn good things from the technology rather than misusing it. In this post, you can grab some cool information about the best iPhone application for the Kids, which are given as follows;



Mixamajig is a wonderful tool for kids which allow the kids to create their own characters with more than 200 different body parts available in these applications. This application let the creative nature of the kids to increase in a higher state and also it helps the child to entertain them while they are waiting in some places such as doctor’s waiting room, etc… Using this application, the kids can create several characters such as robots, aliens and many more characters as they can. Even kids can create the characters with their own faces and all.

Wheels on the Bus

iphone app

Wheels on the Bus is a wonderful application which let the kids to listen to the lyrics of the songs; Wheels on the Bus also records the voice track of the kids when they are singing the song by reading the lyrics. Wheels on the Bus comes in different languages such as French, German and more. Wheels on the Bus is specially developed to the kindergarten children and it is one of the most popular applications for the children. Wheels on the Bus also allows the children to tap the screen to make the door open and also they can move the wheels of the Bus which is appearing over the screen.

Park Math


Park Math is another impressive application which is developed by the developers of Wheels on the Bus application which is mention above. Park Math helps the children to learn the basic concepts of the addition and the subtraction for the kids. Park Math also helps the children to count up to 20 and also 50 in level 2. Park Math also comes with sound track with popular nursery rhymes.

Jacob’s Shapes

jacob's shapes iphone app

Jacob’s Shapes is another best application for the children, which allow them to learn about the basic shapes and objects. Jacob’s Shapes is the most popular application for education purposes and this let the kids to be an active kid. Jacob’s Shapes has a wonderful interface and it is very easy for the kids to use. Jacob’s Shapes comes with variety of puzzles and even the kids can cut the shapes to get a new object.

Letter Writer Oceans

letter writer ocean iphone app

Letter Writer Oceans is an education application for the kids which allow the kids to learn the alphabets in a nice way. Letter Writer Oceans makes the kids to draw the various letters in an aquatic- themed interface. Letter Writer Oceans also guides the children how to draw the letters and also let the kids to draw by guide them.

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