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Apple Mac mini Review Roundup

Apple Mac mini comes with apple iPad mini with a excellent features for the users; it also brings you various features which you cannot just image.

mac mini

Inside Apple Mac mini

Apple has introduced USB 3.0 in its Apple Mac mini and has third generation Ivy Bridge Core Processors. Apple Mac mini has boosted RAMS which can be upgraded up to 16 GB of Memory. The Apple Mac mini has provided hybrid storage to its user for enhances the usage of Apple Mac mini.  Apple has introduced FusionDrive in Apple Mac mini which combines both flash memories with SATA Hard Disk. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 which enables you to make a high speed wireless data transmission.

Design of Apple Mac mini

Apple Mac mini comes with gorgeous look which has very soft curved corners and it retains the original square shape of Apple Mac mini predecessors. Apple Mac mini has Infra Red Receiver which lets you to use Apple remote for entertainment purposes.

Performance of  Apple Mac mini

Apple Mac mini has quad core i7 processor which lets you to use all kind of application in your Apple Mac mini. It comes with FusionDrive which has 128GB of flash drive in which the operating systems are loaded predefined and it has also additional 1TB of hard disk which acts as a secondary storage for your device. Based on the algorithms in the operating system, the data will be allocated and stored in the hard drive.


Apple Mac mini comes with Intel HD Graphics and it has Display port Output and it has thunderbolt digital output. You can even set the resolution to 1280 x 1024 at 60 fps.

Expansions and Communications in Apple Mac mini

Apple Mac mini comes has two USB ports and also one Firewire 400 port. It supports wifi 802.11 b/g which provides various connection for data transmission. You can connect with external displays with DVI port in Apple Mac mini.