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Facebook Expands Graph Search

So, Facebook Expands Graph Search. With facebook updating its graph search feature, within less than 2 months of its wider availability, it makes the facebook users a lot more easier to find more specific interests,common interests,  status updates, texts composed at any particular location or time.

“If technically visible, then accessible”

fb-graphsearch update

Graph search was announced in January this year, with being made to a wider audience in august.

The earlier version of graph search allowed users to search only for ”people, places and things”. However, with the upgrade, facebook will now allow a small section of US-English pilot users, access almost anything that you post, which includes comments on anything, captions, status updates, check-ins and notes.

For example, “posts I commented on last year”, “my friends’ posts on The Big Bang Theory”, etc.

Facebook plans to collect feedback, monitor its usage, before making it accessible to all graph search users.

Though this may prove to be a smooth ride going down the memory lane, it still comes with a few humps. As many people are still on the default privacy settings, their profile and posts will now be accessible to a global audience, much larger than the audience that they had anticipated. It may also prove to be a information jackpot for criminals and attackers, thanks to the more specific search available. So it adds to the current complications in privacy in the website, thus warning users to be more careful.