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Things to expect from Apple event

Here the countdown begins. Apple is all set to reveal its new iPhone at an event to be held on Tuesday(US timezone). As the geek’s world starting prediction about the new iPhone specification, we also expect to see 2 new iPhone models, faster high end model -5S & a low cost colorful model -5c. There may be some specification difference due to its cost gap in iPhone series. But both device will run on iOS 7,it has been in beta testing  since June this year. With the time ticking the same question popping up in every one mind that – Will Apple surprise everyone and launch it entire new model , or will it hold back and save some for later ?

So after a lot of research on rumors, leaks and public forums my team comes with some expectation from Sept. 10 event. Here is some things that can be expected from this event.

  1. A better camera : There have some rumors popped up in last few weeks  that the new iPhone will have dual Led Flash for photo. There may be some hardware changes for better megapixel camera to compete its rivals, like Samsung S4 has 13MP camera ,Moto X has 10MP camera reside Nokia Lumia 1020 which has 41MP 2
  2. Updated iOS with better interface :Apple announced the new version of operating system iOS 7 since June ,that runs on both iPhone and iPad. It’s a huge change from previous versions- a totally new look ,the concept called Flat design. Techie guy may have already installed the beta version on their iPhone. Some new features like swipe down settings, better notification center etc. apple 5
  3. Bio-metrics security: The last minute leaks appear to starting. A Chinese  site C Technology has published a photos of iPhone 5S packaging. As you can see in the picture the iPhone 5S packaging shows a silver ring around the home button .Possibly 5S may have fingerprint sensor as we discussed about this rumor in earlier 1
  4. Low cost phone: The iPhone 5C? If all of the rumor are to be believed, then Apple will also going to unveil new 5C .The same design as the iPhone 5 ,but made of plastic with a lot of color options. A Budget Iphone!!apple 3
  5.  A smarter Siri: The virtual assistance “Siri” will get big update. It may get some more better features like integrating twitter information, Wikipedia service , more controls over voice call music, radio etc. It will also use Microsoft ‘s Bing search 4

So stay tuned to Stuffchip to follow along as we know more about new device and other announcement.