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Javascript Code to turn Google glass into drone controller

The world is becoming digital day by day. Blaine Bublitz has written a Javascript Code to turn Google glass into drone controller. Yes, with a few tweaks and manipulations you can turn your Google glass into a drone controller. With your gestures/head movements you can control vehicle of your choice.

Bublitz got this idea from Intetrnational Nodebots day which he attended in the month of July this year. For a start he wrote a control program to interpret his waving motion and move a wheeled robot back and forth.  However there were few ups and downs,  he admitted, “I couldn’t see where the bot was while controlling it. I needed something that could be about eye height, so I could see its movement while controlling it.”  He added, “Turns out that I was driving the drone at full speed in each direction I tilted my head. I should have had the speed at about 0.3 instead of 1. Lesson learned. I would have also liked to add the ability to rotate the drone left and right based on the Glass’ azimuth value, but I guess that will have to be in the future.”

If you too have Google glass you can download the program from his blog and experiment it on your Google glass.