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How to make money from your app

Apps are small pieces of software that you can install onto your Smartphones or Tablet devices. There are now hundreds of thousands of apps available for the Apple iOS, the Android OS, Blackberry and Windows OS. There is a wide variety of apps from social media apps to financial tools. Many of them are free or exceedingly cheap to purchase, so making money from them is sometimes difficult. So, lets go through How to make money from your app:

How to make money from your app

There is a lot of competition out there

This is one of the biggest problems for app developers as there are literally hundreds of thousands of apps that are already available. Selling an app is very difficult when people have so much choice, and because they do not sell for very much money it is hard to invest a lot of money into a marketing campaign.

Getting your app onto one of the mainstream online stores

Selling your app from a website alone is very difficult. People are aware that apps may hold malware or may provide a backdoor for hackers to gain access to their Smartphone or tablet device. Getting your app onto a mainstream store that is run by the operating system developers is difficult, but is increases the credibility of an app to a massive degree. If your app is featured on one of the mainstream stores, then your website sales will also rise as people will learn to trust you.

Creating original apps is becoming harder

It is unfair to say that every idea has been done and every tool is available, as there are probably quite a lot of people with new ideas. But, the sheer weight of competition means that any idea you have will most likely have been done already. Coming up with a tool or app that is original is very difficult, and what is worse is that if you have a little success with your new idea, then hundreds of imitation apps will suddenly appear.

Creating popular games is very difficult

If you cannot create an original app, then try to create a game. A game may be downloaded as an app, and it is a lot easier to create an original game app. However, creating a game that is popular is very hard. Even if you have a very good game, the chances are that few people will ever know it exists. Plus, creating a good game with great graphics, good dynamic and good interface is difficult and often expensive.

You can sell your app

If you want to make money with apps then your first port of call may be to sell the app. Selling downloads of your app seems to offer an immediate return on your investment, but as mentioned previously it is difficult to create an app that is popular enough to sell in high volumes. You may recognize a trickle of sales over a long period, but creating one that sells thousands of downloads is difficult. Many people offer a free “lite” version of their app, so that if people enjoy it then they can buy the full version. In the current market it seems to be ones of a few methods that increase sales (at least a little).

You can offer a subscription to your app

Some people create apps that are free to download and install, but that have services within them that require a subscription to use. The fact that the app is free to download and install is not a big selling point, and these types of offers will often have few takers. If on the other hand, you have a very powerful or popular tool, then offering a subscription may allow you to recognize a regular and reliable income from your app. But, the app and the tools/services within will have to be something rather special.

You can run adverts on your app

One of the many common methods of making money is to offer an app that is free to download and install, but then have adverts run on it. The app developer makes his/her money via advertising on the app. However, getting people to advertise on your app will depend upon how popular your app is, so you need to have a lot of people download your app before you start making any money from advertising. Some app developers offer to remove the adverts if the user pays a small purchase fee.

You can direct traffic to your website

One method of making money is to use the app to direct people to your website. Social media networks use this trick all the time. They offer free apps so that the user may use their website. If your website is monetized and you can find a way of pulling app users onto your website, then this may be a good way of making money. It is not as difficult as it sounds, for example, if you sell paint then you could create a paint color mixing app and allow the user to order their color of paint on your website. Or, if you sell wallpaper then you could create an interior decorator app and allow people to purchase the items they use for their virtual rooms on the app.

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