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Best Camera Apps for iOS

As having the best camera App for Android lets you do a lot of stuffs on Android phone, similarly Best Camera Apps for iOS lets you do the stuffs on iPhone and iPad users.. Team Stuffchip enlists some of the Best Camera Apps for iOS:

Camera+  ($0.99)

camera +

Compatiblity:  iPhone, iPad2 or later, iPod touch and iPad mini. iOS 5 or later.

It has a sparkling and a well designed User Interface which makes it one of the best selling apps for iphone and ipad. It also features multiple shooting modes and an anti shakes option which enables the device to wait until it is held stagnant. It is also packed with timer mode which can be set to 5, 15 or 30 seconds delay. A burst mode is also provided for fast shooting but this feature drops the image resolution to 640 x 480 pixels. Even the ISO and shutter speed can also be adjusted for a better clarity pictures.

You can disable geotagging (geographical identification metadata) if you don’t want to reveal your location.

A very useful feature for creating well-exposed images is the app’s ability to adjust focus and exposure independently, using separate areas of the scene.  By dragging the exposure icon over the portion for normal brightness and the focus icon over where you want sharper images. Your iPhone’s flash can be used as a continuous light source at the cost of battery life.

The app’s own Lightbox gallery is where you can edit, delete the pics. You can also post them to your Facebook, Twitter or Flickr accounts. Camera+ use iCloud to sync your images among the Lightbox galleries of any iOS device. Download Camera+.


ProCamera ($4.99)


Compatiblity:  iPhone, iPad2 or later, iPod touch and iPad mini. iOS 5 or later.

It is packed with video recording facility and geeky details for still photography. Timer options can be set from 0.5 to 20 seconds. For faster burst mode clicks, it can only deliver images up to 640 x 480 Pixels. You have the flexibility to choose the aspect ratio as 3:1, 1:1 and 16:9 or the indigenous 4:3 framing. Manual selection of ISO and shutter speeds is not available in ProCamera. The nerdy technical details add to its higher cost.

Pictures can be saved to the iOS camera roll or the app’s own lightbox gallery. You can edit, delete and share your images to facebook, twitter or upload them directly to your dropbox account. Download ProCamera.


Pro HDR ($1.99)

pro HDR

Compatiblity:  iPhone 3GS or later, iPad2 or later, iPod touch 4th gen or later and iPad mini. iOS 4.1 or later

Pro HDR takes multiple exposures in high contrast scenes, merges them into a single image. It decides the most favorable exposure setting for darker and brightest sections. After captivating both pictures it blends them into a single image. The device must be kept steady during this analysis (approx 10 seconds). Manual HDR mode speeds up the process of analysis.

Since the app aligns two images, the composite image has slightly reduced pixel dimensions. Download Pro HDR.


CameraGenius ($ 2.99)

camera genius

It’s an app which is considered as the jack of all trades. It features time stamping and full screen shutter button. Further, burst shooting and anti-shake options are also enabled. File sharing tools like quick uploading to facebook, tumblr, picasa are also provided. The basic app came around in 2009 but it has been updated over and over again hitting version 4.3. CameraGenius has an amateur friendly interface with a lot of functionality. Download CameraGenius.


Instagram (free)


In the war for domination in iPhone apps, Instagram reins the supreme. The simplicity and its pricing (it’s free!) makes it so popular that more than 30 Million people use it. It confines your photos to a square shape unlike the usual 16:9 aspect ratio in most mobile cameras. Its filters allow you to change your pic to grey tone or lo-fi. Users can connect their instagram account to different social networking sites. It will definitely change how you share and consume your photos. It was chosen as the runner-up for “best mobile app” in 2010 by TechCrunch. Apple Inc named Instagram as the ‘App of the Year’ in 2011. Download Instagram.

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