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HTC One Mini review


Now companies are jumping from high end flagship phone to mid-range flagship phone with a little decrease in specification and require ment to gain the mid-range market. But is the smartphone you dying to buy is value for money? Is the HTC One Mini worth its specifications and price tag. Read the article to know more on HTC One Mini review:

At the very first look HTC One Mini has a lot  more to do with its larger name,than the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini version. All standout features from the flagship One(HTC One) like the aluminium back chase,boom sound,stereo speaker at the front and ultra pixel camera are on HTC One Mini version as well. It has all the design and look’s anyone can imagine of in a  premium handset.

The phone fits very well in the hands.  HTC One Mini is quite narrow which is good so as to operate in one hand. The capacitive touch is quite responsive too.

htc one mini

The HTC One Mini comes with a 4.3inch display 720X1080 resolution with a 341 ppi pixel density which is the best in this class range. HTC One Mini provides excellent contrast and very good viewing angle. It has a very low mirror reflection which helps significantly for use of phone in a bright sun light. It offers the same streamline UI as the HTC one.

HTC One Mini has taken down the processor department as compared to HTC One Snapdragon 400 instead of 600. The processor is clocked at 1.4GHz Dual Core CPU 1 Gb RAM and a 16 Gb internal storage. The sad part is the storage which cannot be extended as the 16Gb is fixed from which only 11Gb is available for user usage.

The Net browsing in the phone is pretty smooth and lagless. Coming to the camera part everything is the same as the HTC One but only the optical image stabilization is absent. The HTC One Mini can capture 1080p.

Price of HTC One Mini

The HTC One Mini comes with a price tag of 26,000 INR. but, if you are good at bargaining you could get it at 24,500 INR.

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