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Moto X launched focusses on experience over specifications

This story goes back a week, when there goes a line announcement to launch a new range of Smartphone by Motorola. Company says that Moto X is the future of the company. That is where Motorola had headed. Droid have its special place where people look lots of power, end hardware specification, they are working for the phone which have a unique design to them.

New phone Moto X is not quite aggressive as its previous release Droid. The phone is beautiful, it’s curved, glass and plastic front having tiny basal, big and bright display, curve to flap edges with slightly convex centre which is perfectly Interpol.

Nearly everything about the phone is negotiable, you can choose

  • How much storage you want (16 Gb/32Gb)-2
  • Front panel colour-2(Black & white)
  • Back panel colour-18
  • Accent colour (ring around the camera and button)-X7
  • Bring phone with a variant of 504 phones design.


The colour looks and feels different from a woven black to rubbery grey. If you don’t like the one you pick then just send back to company (within 2 week) and u will get a new set according to yours specific colour and design. Getting assembly phone is quite difficult and time consuming.

Motorola has moved its operation to Texas (where company assemble its entire phone). Motorola realise that it’s difficult to assemble a phone and distribute in 5 days. So Motorola moved to Texas. Putting the manufacturing factory close to design and engineering team is really a good deal.

Moto X is a mid-range smartphone with 4.7 inch (720p) LED screen. The screen really looks nice. Moto X has Motorola X8 chip, which is little bit off the show Snapdragon process .One great feature you get in the phone is the lock button. People use lock button 60-80 times a day.  So Moto came with an idea to unlock the phone with a touch in the screen (Active Display), which is quite simple and smart. Moto X knows when you are in car it automatically jump into driving mode. The device knows only and only yours voice. You can end call, search content, set alarm just by command without a single touch and turning it on. Moto X runs on Android 4.2.2. Even though Motorola is now a subsidiary of Google but still it is unable to get the latest version of Android for its device.

Motorola is focusing on the core Android user experience. There is a program for sharing ideal between the two tech giants (Motorola & Google). The sad part is the phone is not added to Google play, but Moto X is fast, simple and powerful.

There is a quick launch camera, if you wiggle your wrist the phone will directly jump into camera no matter what it’s doing. It’s great, camera takes good pictures. Moto X comes with a price tag of $199.

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