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Facebook’s new inclusion: ‘Embed Post’ features to enable websites to showcase public posts.

Recently Facebook has announced that it is including embed post to enable websites to manifest public posts. This is the second time in the year that Facebook has copied any feature from twitter after ‘hashtags’. People can bring timely posts from Facebook to the web world but it is only restricted to posts those are made public by the user. Users who have barred  their settings to private can’t be accessed.

fb introduces embed post feature

However according to the announcements made by Facebook this feature is currently being tested with CNN, Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, PEOPLE and Mashable Pages but availability to other will be soon. As an example for its announcement, Royal Baby status update on British Monarchy page showing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their new born baby was used by Facebook. The availability of this feature to the Facebook user is looking forward to its declaration. According to the Engineers “Pictures, Posts, videos, hashtags and other contents can be embedded.” They continued, “People can like and share the posts directly from the embed.” Every day millions of public figures like and share different posts on what’s happening around the world publicly. So it will add more to the Facebook’s growing demand from day by day. The California-based Facebook works to expand its features and presence on internet as users increasingly access through tablets and smart phones. Many journalists directly post commentary about the world events directly from their timelines .So those posts can be embedded to web content and can be viewed. Being the first among the social network, Facebook sold its share to the public market. Facebook  messenger app in mobile users gives it a better market  with WhatsApp and Snapchat and embed post will do better as said by its officials.