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Five Features Of Android 4.3

In the midst of huz-buz about the Google Event on 24th July we bring you the top five features of Android 4.3. This data is compiled from the leaked Nexus 4. So, can we expect the Android 4.3 on July 24th? Read the full article to know more on Features Of Android 4.3 :

leaked picture showing Android 4.3

Battery improvements

Battery life has been a big talk since the arrival of smartphones(especially Android powered devices). The draining battery is a great trouble for Android users. The main battery consumption is due to Wi-Fi, GPRS and dislay. The reported Android 4.3 will come with special features which will dump the power hungry apps.

New notification features

We dig up to find some clue of new notification features. According to a report by efytimes,it said “It is possible that you may be able to see the entire notification history of any third-party app or customise the bar in the same way you can install a custom home screen in Android”. We will have to wait and watch for the rumours.

Camera app enhancement

Camera had suddenly taken a different turn. It has become a part and parcel of a smartphone. Whenever someone chooses a smartphone the camera features remain at the top after seeing processor speed. The new camera app feature will enable you to click photos just by one hand.

Bluetooth low energy

Bluetooth low energy is a feature which enables your smartphone to connect to other devices throughbluetooth without consuming much power. Now, you can connect your smart watch or any other device to your smartphone without thinking much about the battery drainage.

Other tweaks

There could be new widgets and new user interface. A touch to user interface is far more required. Nothing is officially confirmed.

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  • collinpage

    Don’t forget Touch Sensitivity was tweaked which is a big deal