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Apple’s new TV series features skipping of the advertisement

Apple’s new TV series features skipping of the advertisement

Apple has long been in the rumours regarding its entry on the TV market, now there some inside reports that Apple is preparing its so called new generation of TV with a feature where you can skip the unnecessary advertisements.

According to a report by Jessica Lessin, former reporter and editor for The Wall Street Journal, the all new Apple’s TV service will have an option that will allow users to skip ads. It aims for the present generation of people, who don’t have time to watch any advertisements.

Naturally, the TV networks and the service providers are not digesting the idea, but, some report claims, Apple plans to offer compensation for any loss of revenue that caused by the ad-skipping. Based on the report, the initial response from network provider doesn’t seem to be very appealing, though still the negotiations are likely to continue.

The report also confirms some murmurs that we have been hearing for a while is Apple is going over discussions with the companies, seeking rights to manufacture a special kind of TV set-up box as a whole and allow users to watch live and in-demand TV content. Apple is planning to provide its Apple TV with its customised set-up box set.

The report claims the discussions have been very “highly secretive” and CEO Tim Cook and Senior Vice President Eddy Cue held talks with some reputed media companies last week at a conference in Sun Valley.