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A glimpse of Kindle Fire HD

With the recent launch of Kindle Paperwhite eBook reader and Kindle HD range, Amazon is engraving its name in Indian gadget market. And opening of its website in Indian domain, the company has got a massive hit among the local gadget gizmos.

This post details out the specs and features of Kindle HD and how this tablet is considered the best among the low range value.


Build and design of Kindle Fire HD

The quality of material used in kindle HD is much higher than other tablets in this range. Amazon has taken care of using good quality materials and services. The design is somewhat similar to blackberry’s playbook. The high quality plastic gives a premium look to the gadget.

The both variant of Kindle Fire HD 7-inch as well as the 9-inch is alike.

Kindle HD looks quite plain from the front. There is no hardware control buttons or sensors are present on the screen part. You will find a camera in the top middle part of the screen. It is quite well situated. The back is generally bare except you find a grill that runs in the median of the device. The grill is quite sporty and with the “kindle” inscribed in it. The grill bear the high quality speakers, placed beautifully at the edges of the device.

In top, near the camera you will find the microphone. The left side is completely bare. The right side holds the headphone jack, volume rocker button and the power button. The bottom side bears the micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports. It is little annoying to find the have the right hold of the device as you would end up turning the tablet every time to find the power button.

User-interface of Kindle Fire HD

Kindle is different from other tablets as you would find customised android in this device. You can say it is little bit famous for this. It runs on customised Android 4.0 ICS. You don’t get access to android play store but Amazon has provided its own customised store, to access apps especially for Kindle Fire.

Instead of multiple home screens present in regular android devices, you are welcomed by a different kind of home screen in the device with new style of app tray. You would find thumbnails of the app in a sliding strip format. At the beginning you find this as amazing but cumbersome to use if the app collection piles up. You better manage you apps efficiently. You can switch to viewing your Apps or Music or any other type of content, by selecting the category from the top of the screen. Items inside a particular category are listed as sliding strip like format, with an option to switch to list view if desired. There is feature named favourites to quickly get to your most frequently accessed apps, books, movies, or others.


Regarding the repository of apps, the Android store in Amazon is having a quite a good amount of quality apps, HD games and other widgets, but in a limited amount. Unlike Apple or Blackberry, Amazon allows you to install apps from other sources (also called side loading) by simply enabling the required preference. You can download those apps from website like Dropbox and Mozilla or by running other apk files.

Kindle HD has some in-built apps like the Silk browser and the Email client which are quite basic, but works extremely well. Amazon’s Silk features compression techniques which comparatively speed up browsing under low bandwidth conditions. This feature is not useful for wi-fi models.

Performance of Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual core (in the era of quad n octa cores) processor. Games like Temple run and Dead tiger run flawlessly. Kindle Fire HD comes with in-buil dual speakers. Sounds good, isn’t it?

The greatest issue in Kindle Fire HD is the lack of 3G connectivity. In a country like India which is limited by Wi-Fi availability 3G has become a must for the mass.

Price of  Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD is priced at 15,999 INR which puts it in the parcel already containing the biggies like Nexus 7 and Asus Fonepad.

Bottom line

Kindle Fire HD is no doubt a big hit. But, absence of 3G connectivity puts it in the last spot in the race. But the new user interface is a dynamic move by Amazon. The user interface appeals not only the techie guys but also non-techie. So, if you are working in a Wi-Fi enabled organisation and don’t need 3G much then Kindle fire HD is a must buy.