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How to turn on and off contact images of Gmail in Android?


The new Gmail version rolled out by google in this I/O was somewhat looked fascinating and user friendly. And it is been annoying that, by default, there turning on of image in our android based smartphone’s contact details when we sync it through google account.

The problem is that not everyone in the list has a contact image associated to each person. Generally there are often big, randomly-colored letters or irrelevant images next to the emails instead. Sometimes this feature looks rubbish and generally occupies some amount of necessary space. We can turn off this image display feature from the latest upgraded Gmail app.

First, from the main Gmail inbox view, go to your settings (via your phone’s hardware menu button or the action bar menu), then select “General settings” from the first view and remove the selection from the box labelled “Sender image”. Move back to your inbox view and now you will get a wider view of your emails without any discomfort. Unfortunately you will lose the method of hitting the image to select multiple messages.

Check out a small video showing detailed guide how to turn off the contact image and how doing so affects the navigation.