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Ouya- Android run Gaming Console


The fascinating world of console games has become crazier than ever before. Now the portable world of gaming is getting high among the prospective gamers. With the world around is on motion, people are looking forward portable and cost effective gaming consoles. It is where Ouya fit into it. Light, portable and handy, Ouya turns out to be one of the leading light-weight gaming consoles. To its surprise it cost only $100 and it runs on Android.

Ouya is provides low-cost gaming with the same experience as other leading gaming consoles. You can have a large repository of games while traveling with your iPhone, iPad or other smartphones. Ouya comes under such category where you can play some high definition games without paying excess.

Ouya is powered by NVidia Tegra 3 processor, the beast. It has RAM of 1GB and 8GB of internal memory. It can expandable through USB. NVidia being the frontrunner in the gaming processors is proved to be great for this console. The device is a cube measuring 3 inches on each side, with slightly curved corners on the bottom. The controller is a bit husky. It looks somewhat similar with Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation, with some exceptions: The Ouya controller bears a touchpad in the middle, and its grips are longer and comfortable, each accommodating an AA battery. One extra controller which comes with the Ouya, costs around $50.


As Ouya run on Android, it should be easy for other android games to port for the device but for now you are only entitled for specific software developed by the company. You could find around 200 odd games from its server and it is still counting.

The main agenda of the company is to give user a small demonstration before it could decide to purchase. It quotes. ”You’ll never be charged unless you choose to make a purchase.” So you can try the demo version of the games you feel to play and later choose to purchase the full version. The full versions never cost too high. This is something which other console maker lacks. For some good rated games they charge you around $60 and they even if don’t provide its demo version also.

Setting up this device is comparatively hassling free. You just have to connect a HDMI cable (which is supplied) from your console to the TV. On switching the device on, it starts searching for any Wi-Fi connection or you can connect through the Ethernet cable, which you have to provide of your own. After connecting the internet, it would directly connect you to the server where you have to provide your information and also your credit card details.


After that it will take you to a menu with options: play, discover, make and manage. “Make” will take you to the developer section while “manage” will help you to control the device settings. ”Discover” option will take you to Ouya Game store, where you can get games according to some categories like “simulation” and “meditative”. There are even showcases like “couch gaming with friends.”

The download speed is quite good enough. It all depends upon you connection. The 8GB memory is something that is limiting the device. The USB expandable option is of the best option for gaming consoles.

The user interface of Ouya is somewhat simple and easy to use. On choosing “play” option, it takes you to your personal library. It gives you a clean and elegant look.


The offerings of Ouya don’t vary a lot when compared to Xbox or PlayStation. Android platform provides any known developer to design and post games in its store. That is something great. Some of the few rated games in Ouya are:

->Final Fantasy III

->The bard’s Tale

->Polarity-3D Puzzler

->TowerFall-Multiplayer archery game

Ouya provides high-resolution displays in 1080p, comparable to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii U. But the games in Ouya is generally low-def. Games like “Call of duty”, “GTA” or “The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim” is something you miss in Ouya.


Ouya is in its early developing stage. Though this device has brought hit among many pro gamers.  The Android platform is making it easier for game developers to develop and test in this console. It promises to provide quality and high definition games with minimal cost. It is not something which can replace Xbox or PlayStation but it is worthy enough have a hand on it.