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Can smartphone really know our mood- Moodscope

Now a days owning a smart phone is more turning out to be like owing a regular phone. And with smart phones we can decide our mood now days. Whenever we are sad or whenever we are extremely happy we just start using our smart phones to play or listen to music or start downloading various apps. Smart phones are becoming important part of our everyday life but what about the condition if smart phones start knowing our mood?

Wouldn’t it be something very amazing? They would become our best buddies. But do you think that it is just a dream? Then to make your dream come true Microsoft research Asia is developing a software that can  actually detect your mood by the way we use of our smartphone.The name of this software  is  MoodScope.


The research team includes Nicholas Lane and Robert LiKamWa of Rice University, and Lin Zhong and Yunxin Liu from Microsoft Research Asia. MoodScope includes a lot of arrays that measures lot of arrays interactions like app usage , phone calls ,text messages ,geolocation and browsing history. This creates a lot of data points every day. The team has made study on 32 study participants .These study participants were recruited by the research team. They made them use the software package  for about 2 months regularly .During the research process the team themselves used the software package to test their mood.

The initial results of the tests were actually shocking. Without actual tuning the software was able to detect the mood of the people accurately by about 66%.Anyone who actually picked up the phone was able to see the result very clearly. When the software was “calibrated “on individuals the accuracy results rose up to 93%.


“MoodScope  uses two axis of scales foe detection. On  X axis there  is pleasure whereas on Y axix there is Activeness.This represents the entire structure of our human emotions.That is probably all the detail that we want to know to enhance a mobile experience”-source MICROSOFT.

This is said to be used in the field of social networking and search engines in future.Social networks that could actually detect your mood and give the kind of relaxation environment on your page or  search engine could actually detect your mood and give you the search results according to your mood.

The initial prototype of this software has been built for iOS and Android phones. Despite using such high technology this software consumes  very less  part of the battery -only 3.4 milli-watt hours per day.This is the battery power   that gets over during a 15 min standby mode of our smartphone. Isnt it amazing?

Disadvantage of Moodscope

However  the only disadvantage of this software is that  it cannot detect sudden change in mood or the external factors which change it.Research is still going on in order to launch the app as a real product one day.