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Smart watches may bring next level of digital revolution

Smart watches could bring next level digital revolution. Smart watches as a concept aren’t new to this industry. This miniature version of your smartphone does everything what your smartphone can do. Starting from receiving a call to playing games, it can do anything and everything. Thousands of applications are floating around the web which are compatible with smart watches.

smart watch

Sony already has its own version of smart watch with the name-SmartWatch 2. With increasing popularity of this miniature device Sony’s competitors are increasing too. Sony’s main rivals are Pebble and MetaWatch Strata-both of which have smart watch that can run on either Android OS or Apple’s iOS.

Apple reportedly has been working on an iWatch which is expected to be launched by the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014. Even Google is rumoured to be working on smart watch which will run fully on Android OS.

With the big companies war going on, a group of young Indian college students – with a designer who is just 17 years old designed a smartwatch. It is named as Androidly as it runs on Android OS. It is the world’s first fully featured smart watch. The device packs in features like Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and a built-in camera. The watch with a price tag of £150 can also be used to make a phone call and send texts to family and friends using a phone SIM card and has a 16GB of storage. One can pre-order the androidly  in their official website.

Seeing the current scenario I truly believe that Smart watches could bring the next level of digital revolution. If you have any queries feel free to comment below.