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Leaked Screenshot of Android 4.3 camera UI

According to another leaked screenshots, A Galaxy S4 (Google Edition)  has been spotted with the new Android 4.3. It was revealed first by the Samsung Focused website Sam Mobile.

About Phone Screenshot-2(4.3) Screenshot-3(4.3)

In the screenshot as you can see “About Phone” shows the model number as GT-I9505G which hints that the phone is Google edition. The phone’s build number is JWR66N.S005.130625.The website also posted a screenshot of camera app with updated UI. The new camera app’s options like controls for HDR adjustment, exposure, setting, and flash setting are more accessible than the present stock camera app. Although just by looking at the screenshot you can’t find truly anything new because the UI is already present on HTC One. Besides the updated camera app in 4.3,it is also expected to feature support for Bluetooth Smart Ready Technology.

Google was expected to announce the new Android JB(4.3) during the Google I/O keynote, while it chose to announce the new developer related services including Google+ new features –the hangout messaging app,updated maps, Google play for education etc. It seems google want to retain the Jellybean line up, instead of jumping to Key Lime Pie (Android 5.0).

According to another report, Google is developing low cost device on its own without any OEM branding. We had earlier seen some rumours about the Apple’s low cost iPhone development. There are a lot of if and but for uncertain information, with a wonder what next!!