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Is Smartphone Evil?

It was a normal day for me. I woke up early in the morning (that’s 8:00 am for me). After completing my daily activities,my eyes stuck upon my smartphone. My smartphone’s battery has been troubling me from last few weeks so went to Sony service centre for the 3rd time. Then suddenly a noble thought struck my mind: Is smartphone evil?

Is smartphone evil

If I wouldn’t have owned a smartphone I would have no troubles: no disruption due to facebook updates, no tweet-ing, no e-mail tension and most importantly no hustle for a dying smartphone(you get tensed and start searching for it’s charger the moment you see your smartphone’s battery below 15%). This sudden thought brought mixed feeling in my mind. Happy because I will no more be troubled by my smartphone and its dying wishes. And sad because I will be away from my friends. Whose update will I comment on? Whom will I chat with?

After 5 days I couldn’t resist much being away from facebook-ing and tweet-ing. I still remember the moment I brought my smartphone from the service centre  and switched it ON it showed around hundreds of updates and many messages from my friends. So, it’s really too difficult to be away from your smartphone. It is the only gadget which makes you feel, you are just a click away from your phone. But after 2 days I have to go back to service centre again,this time for a dying battery problem(The great servicing @ sony servicing centre will be posted in the upcoming articles). You can feel the desperacy of mine to see my smartphone.


According to a TOI article, smartphone addiction is not just a buzzword. Researchers have established compulsive communicating as a serious condition, and our obsession with our phone is significantly altering our brain’s perception of this device. It’s not merely an ‘addiction’ any more, we have started ‘loving’ our phone, researchers say. Dr. Larry Rosen (Ph.D) has written a book that speaks about the average American’s dangerous obsession with technology, blaming the internet connected, always-on smartphone as its prime culprit (Read his interviewhere). Even in a business environment, your smartphone obsession may actually be working against you, making you less productive, according to a recent article in the harvardBusinessreview.

For your own good, it’s important to know when to block your smartphone. Smartphones have become a part of our lives. But in our mad rush to explore the length and breadth of our smartphone’s technological capabilities, we have invested and surrendered a lot into these devices. It’s my sincere advice to our readers that they should know when to get away from your smartphone so as to lessen it’s bad impact on your life. If you have any queries feel free to comment below.

  • Anish

    True and don’t forget laptops!!!