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3D Printing – The Third revolution

Ever imagined building your house using a printer. Or designing your own wedding gown using a printer. Well keep your picturesque ready as the ‘Third Revolution’ has arrived.

Time for some 3D Printing!!

3D printing

3D printing is the development of a three-dimensional object of any figure from a model by adding successive layers of material in different shapes. It mostly relies on the removal of material by methods such as cutting or drilling.

Blueprints from computer aided design (CAD) are fed to the printing machine to successively use as a guideline for printing. Depending on the machine used, material or a binding material is deposited on the platform until material layering is complete and the final 3D model has been printed. It is a process where the virtual model and the physical model are almost identical.

To perform a print, the machine reads the design from a .stl file and lays down successive layers of sheet material. These layers which correspond to the virtual cross sections from the CAD model are joined together to form the complete model.

 Shapeways, a Dutch based printing service startup astounded fashionistas in New York with a 3D printed gown. The gown was printed in nylon pieces and decorated with around Swarovski crystals.

Ddita-von-teese-gownShapeways designed 3D printed gown

Further research is going on to manufacture space suits using 3D printing technology as the present suits are found to be harmful for human skin if used for a longer duration. A couple of years down the lane you can have your own wardrobe collection designed and printed in your own house.

Energy printing

Technology will enable Photovoltaic cells to be printed at molecular level. Efficiency is found to surpass 40%, double than that of the present technology.

Infrastructure Printing

Walls printed in one material will be more efficient than the concrete, wood and plaster. Lesser material will be used resulting in greater uniformity and more control over design parameters.

3D printed house situated in Netherland The house is in shape of 'infinity'

Food printing

A lot of our food is genetically modified. The future will follow a similar style as it relates to printing of food. To avoid mass slaughter and transport of livestock meat will be printed from animal tissue grown in labs.