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WWDC 2013:Game controller support for iOS7

game controller io7

It seems that apple has got into the mood of gaming. It is putting its high hope on mobile gaming with its concept of game controllers support for iOS7.

It’s already known that iOS powered devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini have made quite a good impression on portable gaming device makers in the market, we expect the upgraded iOS version will surpass the level of mobile gaming by offering support for hardware game controllers.

At the Apple’s WWDC keynote, the part where it talked about iOS 7 SDK features, it mentioned about MFi game controllers. MFi is nothing but a licensed program undertook by Apple to provide hardware components, tools, documentation, and technical support and certification logos to create electronics compatible with Apple products. And by adding controllers this program helps developers as they would focus on the particular game controllers.

We got the above screenshot from an iOS gaming focused website, Touch Arcade which shows basic guidelines and a rough design how the controller would look and function. The screenshot depicts two mechanism, one which will allow to see the screen of the phone, hoping that the phone would fit the tray and, another a general controller having two joystick and LED array with two shoulder buttons. Even if the first design has also two shoulder buttons.

The developer who has to support for game controllers need to ensure that those games work without them. And it seems that Apple has made mandatory to brand the controllers as “Made for iPhone” only. It is good that there would be a common interface for the developers to code.

Let us stay tuned for the day when Apple will announce its new, game controller supported iPhones.