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WWDC 2013-Apple developer conference:

wwdc 2013

Apple’s 24th annual developers conference kicks off on this Monday, 10th June and and promises to cover every new inception of Apple.

The conference lasts the entire week, but the main highlight part of it is Monday’s keynote address, where Apple will announce new products and services. This year apple has decided to give the new version of iOS and OSX to the developers before releasing it in the market.

There are a lot of expectations among the developers and users since it has been long time Apple has come up with some newbies. The company has quoted that WWDC would be “amazing” event and would unsheathe its latest products and software.

We have listed some of the section where Apple would love to upgrade it based on present scenario and rumours.

wwdc 2013

Up gradation of software:

It is expected that apple would give an up gradation of present iOS 6 to new iOS7. According to 9to5mac report we were able to infer that a lot of new features has been added to iOS7. Some are:

A Good and interactive interface

A High gesturing flexibility

A More sharing tool: Integration of Air-drop file sharing service to iphone.

àYahoo!: It is rumoured that apple and yahoo had agreed to bring up more yahoo content and news to iphone service

Now, it is confirmed that it won’t be just an iOS7 but also OSX that will be out in the latest WWDC 2013. The new OSX 10.9 version with its nickname as Cabernet will have a lot of new features.  In WWDC 2013 OSX will be most probably launched in its beta version.

wwdc 2013

9to5Mac suggested that “The new OS X will allow users to jump between tasks or apps on a switching bar by double clicking the Home button.

There are rumours that a new version of Xcode will be released in the upcoming WWDC 2013 to the developers.

Meanwhile there are rumours that Apple may be launching an iRadio both for iOS and OSX. It will be similar to Pandora.

The technocrats like us are expecting an evolutionary update to Apple maps. Apple maps will provide directions on OSX and will send it to your iOS. For this your iOS and OSX need to be synced.

 Hardware support:

When it comes to hardware, Apple has compromised with its products. Its retina display quality, sleek design, high battery life and robust but elegant design have double crossed other leading companies in the market.

We expect Apple could also consider WWDC as a good platform to debut a new version of its Thunderbolt display,

Let’s hope for the best.