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A sneak peak through Google glass


The innovative concept of Google glass, by the leading search engine giant,Google has proved it something more than the concept. Google I/O has seen the best of the Google glass and has impressed the developers so far. We sketch out a small review that we collected from Google I/O 2013 regarding the development of Google glass.

Let us first check out the good features of the google glass are:

Trendy and comfortable Google Glass

The device has got a trendy look. You can prefer to wear with or without lenses. But I felt it is worthy enough to have without lenses. The device grabs a lot of attention by wearing without lenses. It provides utmost comfort to user and “eye-catching” technology development. You can easily wear the all day. The titanium frame provides another plus point for the device.

Battery Capacity in Google Glass

It is almost hard to digest that such a tiny device could such a battery back-up. Though the device wasn’t used up to its extent but the glass lasts more than a day with a single charge and recharges quickly. Generally the android devices lack the charge capacity. On other side Google glass is providing better power back-up than expected.

Operating System in Google Glass

The voice and the touch navigation works splendid. The good feature is that the voice commands works flawlessly in crowded and noisy environments. We got good feedback from the other users of the device. It also has feature of auto-sleep mode. The device gets on when we expect it to be. It is good that such feature saves the battery a lot. Hope this feature proves fruitful to larger extent.

The Screen quality is comparatively very good. You can read messages and emails in bright sunlight also. The quality of photos and videos are of high quality. With the help of Bluetooth you can receive phone calls in the device.


Image credit-Mithun Dhar

Every device doesn’t come with all advantages/merits. Some of the drawbacks of google glass are:

Device portability in Google Glass

To use this device you have to own some latest android devices. Some users regretted that the Glass app in unable to install in lower version devices. They have to us the device from the laptop. The device is even not portable in iPhone also.

Internet Connectivity in Google Glass

This device might not connect to net in every time. You needed a good network connectivity to use this device. There are some disappointments regarding the connection of device as it takes more tries to read the QR code from the computer. A little cumbersome process!!!

Price of  Google Glass

Google Glass comes with a mind boggling price tag of $1,500. Is it worth it? We suggest you to go through the video below and then decide.

Though this device has been accepted a lot among the crowd and everyone is eager to put a hand over this device.

We found that the accuracy of voice search is much more advanced and stable.

Check out the basics video:

The Google has never been devoid of fun. Their very idealism of designing product has been instilled the fun and different. Their extensive study of human emotions and needs has taken the search engine master upto such a  grand level.

Check their official theatrics:
Google glass

  • aziz

    Will the google glass come to India??

    • Its India buddy..You can’t expect everything to be launched so soon.. We get everything delayed..So we shouldnot expect it to come this year at least..