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Google Conversational search

Google  conversation


Now search results on Google are more interactive. You can talk to it like it was a person, ask your query and it will reply you the answer – verbally! Google supplemented its conversational search ability to its Chrome browser, which is now LIVE.

voice search

Google voice search has been accessible since long, which allows users to search queries just by speaking; this conversational update lets your PC or laptop to speak back to you. For instance, if you ask, “What is the population of India?” Chrome browser will articulate, “The population of India is 1.241 Billion in 2011”.

You can access it by clicking the microphone button on your chrome browser and asking your question in plain English. Once Google search is completed, it will display you a list of results or a single card at the top of the screen with an appeasing female voice answering your query.


The best part of it is the responsiveness of the context. You can refine your search results by further conversation with Google. You’ll need Chrome 27 to access conversational search — you can either update from within the browser as usual, or download it fresh from Google’s website.

If you’ve enabled the Gmail Field Trial for Google Search, which grants search access to data on your other Google services, you can also ask questions about your schedule. Conversational search also knows your location, so simply asking “What’s the weather tomorrow?” pulls up your local forecast.

You are at liberty to turn off this feature in Google settings. There isn’t a way to change the sound of the voice, this attribute works only in English. It misses out the more comprehensive ‘Google Now’ integration – predictive search is lacking.

Will it be the next big thing?