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Rumour abound:The next iPhone will get a Sapphire crystal home button with finger print sensor

There are many rumours  that claims the next iPhone (iPhone 5s or iPhone 6) will feature fingerprint sensor. The rumour says that unlike the previous generation iPhone, Apple will ditch the physical home button to use a virtual button (touch sensitive) made of Sapphire crystal instead .iphone

The unconfirmed news comes via Cult of Mac, who spotted a report on Taiwanese site

The iPhone 5S could come with a sapphire crystal capacitive touch home button that incorporates a new fingerprint sensor, according to supply chain sources in Taiwan.

Apple is expected to do away with the traditional physical home button, which has long been one of the most unreliable components on iOS devices. It’s thought that using sapphire crystal, which has a hardness second only to diamond, will prevent the button from getting scratched and ruining the fingerprint sensor.

This wouldn’t be the first time Apple has used sapphire crystal in an iPhone. The iPhone 5 has a sapphire crystal camera lens on its back, which Apple chose to try to prevent scratches from ruining your photos.

And according to the Taiwanese website , which claims to have been speaking to sources in Apple’s supply chain, the Cupertino company will choose the same material for the iPhone 5S’s home button.

However this is not new that ‘a phone having a touch sensitive button’ apart from the feature that it will be having a fingerprint sensor underneath .

Although back in July last year, Apple surprised everyone by announcing that it was acquiring mobile security firm AuthenTec for approximately $356 million. If it is to be believed, then this is the first time Apple will replace its home button with a capacitive touch button in next generation iPhone (5s) which will be released later this year.