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Motorola X Prototypes leak

motorola X phone

After so many days of silence, here we got some hot stuff for you from Motorola and Google. Yeah, we are talking about  or call it Google X. The picture above could be the upcoming Motorola X. There has been a lot of speculation about the new flagship X by Motorola.  Today @evleaks unveiled pictures of what could possibly be our new Motorola Flagship X . This leak reminds us that Motorola is working on something really big in association with Google.

The new Motorola phone is codenamed as the XT912A. No dates of release has yet been known. But, not to forget Google I/O session is approaching.

Possible Technical Specifications in Motorola X

  1.  2GB of RAM
  2. 2000mAh of battery (really a biggy!)
  3. Adreno 320 GPU
  4. Possible OS is Android Jelly bean