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What to expect from the new Xbox 360 and PS3?

microsoft xbox

Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 remained at a high level but remained in position facing each other for past 7 years. According to the rumours the new xbox could be called as xbox 720. We are unveiling rumours surrounding both consoles.

Controller of the xbox 360 and ps3

Sony detailed their Dual Shock 4 controller in February. It has a slightly revamped design with a touchpad additionally packed with usual controlling buttons. It also has a jack for headset, in-built speakers and a ‘share’ button which allows you to broadcast game play to your friends using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. According to rumours, the next-gen Xbox’s controller will be alike the existing one. However, the only difference is  its smaller size. It is expected that it will use lithium-ion batteries instead of previous AA ones. Rumours also indicated that the next version of Kinect sensor would be the main controller.We hope it will be able to perceive multiple users and include controls by voice command.


It is expected that both the consoles will be launched with a slimmer design with a horizontal/vertical placements. We guess that the preliminary models will have almost the same dimensions as the existing consoles. PS3 gets a new metallic gray dualshock 3 in the US.

HardwareSony ps3

A hardware upgrade is essential to deliver sort of graphics now gamers desire. Sony has already announced the official specifications for PS4, which includes x86 architecture based 8-core AMD processor, 8GB DDR5 RAM and much more. Now, BluRay drives will run 6x faster in place of 2x.

Expected Price and Launching date

Traditionally, the console itself always has been sold at a loss while the actual money is made from the games. It is expected that lower level versions of both console would around US $400. Sony’s PS4 is likely to be launched at the end of year whereas Microsoft might just be readying for a mid-2013 launch for launch of its next-gen Xbox.