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Facebook Home


Most smartphone owners use their phone for “facebooking” more than anything else; except calling people of course. Since its release in India on 16th April, its has got very mixed reviews.

Based on the fascination of people on facebook, the facebook guys have created home. An homescreen compromised of several apps that give a deeper facebook experience.

Home is a launcher as well, which replaces the stock launcher, and includes a lot of facebook related functions. Other apps do run as well, but in the background. Home just doesn’t bring facebook, but its turns the device into facebook phone. A cool new feature we’d get to see is that some simple functions like scrolling through photos, liking a picture etc. can be gesture controlled. But it will take time to master.

Facebook home is intented for all android devices but the initial build is only “officially” compatible with Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, HTC One, HTC One+ and Galaxy Note 2. These phones must have ICS with facebook and facebook messenger installed.The recently released HTC First comes preinstalled with Facebook Home; in case you want to avoid all the extra work.

The facebook home advertisement was also released on youtube few week ago.


Facebook home is great if you are a die hard facebook user. But constant in flow on news, photos, shares from fb is sure to distract a lot of people. It will take Facebook addiction to a whole new level. Other than that facebook home is a fun app that will give a unique look to your android phone.


  • Vibrant interface
  • Best of Facebook
  • Enjoyable


  • Distracting
  • Facebook app is still needed
  • A battery hog