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LinkedIn will contain ads on Its new redesigned android and iOS Apps

The LinkedIn surprises everyone by new and enriched UI update for its Android and iOS apps which will include ads from now on. The improvements being released  officially on Thursday mark LinkedIn Corp.’s first major update of its mobile app in over 20 months. Since its update over 80 million additional accounts have been created thereby increasing its users to 200 million worldwide. LinkedIn spokeswoman Julie Inouye said,”LinkedIn will begin showing advertisements within the mobile app’s news stream as part of a small test” .

LinkedIn logo

As consumers are increasingly using mobile and tablets to access web, internet giants like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Inc are giving more importance to mobile and tablet users. According to LinkedIn sources more than quarter of LinkedIn traffic comes from mobile app which was around 12% a year ago. LinkedIn has made a lot of changes so as to attract more and more users to spend most of their time on its website.

“Finding some content on LinkedIn’s previous app required up to four taps to the frustration of many users who only had a couple minutes of free time,” said Joff Redfern, the company’s head of mobile products. The new algorithm figures out which topics and features are most appealing to the users and ensures that it is just a single tap away. Joff redfern added,”Historically, people came to us only when they were trying to get a job,But now more people are coming to us on a daily basis to be great at what they do.” Now It doesn’t matter to which group do you belong,the app will provide you news and updates from that particular profession.

The mobile app available for both Android smartphone and Apple iPhone makes it easier to interact with your professional group by commenting or liking on the shared news. The video shows new richer UI and you get news and updates from your influencer/professional groups. Moreover, now users can customize their LinkedIn mobile experience such as adding shortcuts to their fav tools. They will remain updated about their fav tools wherever they may go.