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New plugin ‘Secretbook’ for facebook users to encode secret messages they upload

Now Facebook has got something worth being a part of Dan Brown Novels.

A new technology will now help the Facebook users to send secret messages by crypting them with image. Application named ‘Facebook Secretbook’ ,encode the secret message in image they upload in the leading social networking website .


This technology is created by Owen Campbell Moore – an Oxford University student and former Google intern.

Moore’s plugin titled ‘secretbook’ , allows Facebook users to encode any secret message or share by uploading a JPEG images from the profile.

To maintain users’ privacy of the app Moore has designed this plug-in only for Google chrome browser. All the user has to only download the plug-in through Google chrome and hit Ctrl+Alt+a  in their Facebook home page. A dialogue box will appear where the user can upload an image and encode the message there.

Moore said that he created this ‘secretbook’ plug-in to demonstrate JPEG steganography on social media, earlier which was impossible.


Facebook publicly list its users. So building it inside the networking site would lose its motto. But by using through a web browser it would never come under the scanner of Facebook network analysis.

This technology not only raises security matter inside a huge networking website but also may facilitate all kind of terror and criminal trading

Presently a joint venture of Facebook and Australian Federal police are working hard to check online criminal activities.