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Rumours Abound- Windows 8.1 will have boot to desktop feature

windows 8

Microsoft seems to be planning an update to Windows 8. The update is named Windows 8.1 codenamed as Windows blue, that include an option to directly boot to the desktop. This functionality is in the testing phase. This option will be disabled by default, so the users interested will have to turn it ON.

Microsoft has been undergoing a lot of criticism by the accessory makers since its Windows 8 release. Its an attempt to regain the faith/belief on Microsoft by the accessory makers. It is just to please the users who are accustomed to the desktop environment and have been unable to cope up with Windows 8 start screen menu.

The Verge  said,” Testing is allegedly ongoing inside of Microsoft’s labs, where attempts are being made to appease desktop users who wish to avoid the Start Screen environment. We understand that the hot corner functionality, for access to the Charms and Start Screen, will remain intact if the boot to desktop option is enabled. References to a “CanSuppressStartScreen” option in early builds of the Windows 8.1 registry were recently discovered by members of the My Digital Life forum, but a UI to enable the feature doesn’t appear to be present.

source: [The Verge]