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World’s First Phone-Eves wireless

World's First Phone Eves wireless 1922

This video was taken in 1922. It shows worlds first phone.  This video was reported in the Daily Telegraph, May 2010. Eves wireless became sensation those days. Thousands of people saw the video within an hour. It became the most viral video within fraction of time.

Read the following information on the clip sent in from Simon Atkins an Ex-Royal Signals officer:

“ The two ladies are using a small simple HF radio, probably a ‘Cat’s Whisker’ type. For it to work it needs to be earthed, which is why it’s connected to the fire hydrant. The antenna or aerial is the wire in the umbrella. On the receiving end the telephonist is using an HF radio and puts the microphone next to the record player. For the two ladies to hear she would be pressing the pressel switch. ”

Is it really the world’s first ever phone? See the video below to explore more :