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Intel Optimized Dual bootable Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 with Win 8

intel optimized android dual boot with windows 8_1

If you want to experience Android with your Intel architecture, then Intel has just the thing you want. Intel always had an eye on the Mobile device market and optimizing one of the most popular operating system can take Intel to another level in this race.

Hard work of Intel Open Source Technology Center resulted in the Pre Alpha release of Intel Optimised Android 4.2.2. The best part of this version of Android is the dual boot with Windows 8.

Android and Windows dual boot concept is old one but doing it on x86 Intel Architecture has not been achieved yet. At present ASUS Transformer AIO uses the dual boot concept with Android and windows, but it uses both x86 architecture and ARM processor. Intel is now taking a step to bring this concept to a reality.

Intel is relatively newer company in the Mobile market and does not manufactures any mobile device but provides its chipset technology to power some of the android devices.

Intel is now working hard to have its own optimised Android version. Recently Intel announced its first pre alpha release of Intel optimised Android 4.2.2. As the pre alpha tag suggest the released version is buggy and not fully optimised for the commercial use.

After the release of fully optimised version, this will be allowed to distribute commercially with all Intel power but the exact release date has not yet been officially declared.

Some of the important changes that has been done in this pre alpha Intel optimized Android 4.2.2 :

  1. UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) replaces BIOS booting. Original Extensible Firmware Interface specification is developed by Intel.
  2. Linux 3.8.0 kernel
  3. Interactive Installer for Win 8 dual boot
  4. Gummiboot boot loader replaces syslinux
  5. Signed kernel modules
  6. Unified installer for all devices except  Samsung XE 700t.

intel optimized android dual boot with windows 8_3

Some facts about Intel optimized Android, Dual Boot with Win 8 :

  1. This version is only being tested with Windows 8 and using EFI installation.
  2. There is a policy change of automatic installer. If it detects an EFI installation of Win 8, it won’t disturb otherwise it will try to use unpartitioned space or will replace existing Android installation.

Intel has to face many challenges to make it a great success. All ARM based applications will not work on this version of Android. This means the applications are need to be rebuild or reconfigured for x86 architecture. But this can only be done effectively if developers are interested in Intel Atom or believes in the power of Atom.